Who We Are

Giving Your Pet A New Leash On Life

Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center (BARC) is a unique veterinary specialty clinic that provides personalized injury rehabilitation for dogs and cats. Following the success of our original location in Torrance, CA, we made the decision to expand our veterinary rehabilitation services to the pets of Rolling Hills, CA and the surrounding areas. In keeping with our original mission, the BARC staff is dedicated to helping pets live longer, healthier, more comfortable lives by using a holistic approach that combines both Eastern and Western medicine. Your veterinary care team will consist of both Doctors of Veterinary Medicine and Doctors of Physical Therapy. By using this collaborative approach, we provide your pet the best possible outcome and improved quality of life.

greyhound in pet rehabilitation

Our Services


Used in human medicine with much success, we utilize acupuncture in pets to reduce chronic pain and promote healing. The AVMA has recognized acupuncture as a viable treatment option within veterinary medicine and it is widely used in the field of animal rehabilitation.


During your pet's session, a variety of rehabilitation modalities may be used. These can include LASER therapy (decreases inflammation, reduces pain, and improves wound healing), therapeutic ultrasound (used to decrease muscle tightness, improve blood flow and drive medicine into an area), electrical stimulation (used to re-educate muscles that have atrophied or reduce spasms and pain).

Underwater Treadmill

A long-trusted rehabilitation modality, the underwater treadmill (UWT) has a wide range of uses in physical therapy. Your therapist may recommend UWT in conjunction with other modalities to improve range of motion, strength, endurance or even assist with ability to weight bear on an injured limb. 

Carts for Pets

We offer tailored fitting and orders of Front Wheel/Rear Wheel and Quad Carts for pets. For many pets, “wheeled" living is the solution to improved mobility and longevity. At BARC, we choose to work closely with Eddie’s Wheels to ensure that your pet's cart is properly customized.


Like all things, proper nutrition is  key to a happy, healthy (and healing) pet. The BARC team wants you to understand what you're feeding your pet and how it affects them during the rehabilitation process. If requested, we will happily review your current feeing plan and offer insight into any changes that may help.