How Food Therapy Works

Our BARC Rolling Hills therapists believe nutrition and healing go hand-in-hand. Your animal rehabilitation team will utilize their expert knowledge of Food Therapy, a branch of Chinese Medicine, Nutrigenomics and current animal nutrition research to develop a nutritional program specific to your pet. During your consultation, we will review your pet’s current feeding program and then discuss changes that could be made to their diet based on veterinary recommendations and healing goals.


Depending on your pet's condition, your care team may recommend the use of one or more supplements to aid in their healing process. BARC Rolling Hills carries a variety of nutritional supplements, including those for joint, skin and coat, overall wellness and our homemade Turmeric Veggie Paste. You can trust that each animal supplement we carry has been tested extensively by our team and trusted to provide results.

Diet Consultation

Our team is skilled at recommending a tailored diet for your pet that can help achieve the goals set by both you and their care team. There are a variety of options available including home cooked, commercial, fresh and unprocessed foods. Let the BARC Rolling Hills team work with you to develop a realistic plan for you and your pet.

Call us today at (310) 265-0065 with any questions you may have about our animal Nutrition Consultation services.

dog with food bowl